With Stephanie, it's not just business, it's personal. It's like having a family member looking out for your wellbeing while you are hunting for a home. I found Stephanie after reading her reviews, and i knew, she was what i needed. And she did not disappoint. It's not just about finding an agent, it's about finding someone who will understand your needs better than you, knowing right away if you love something or just settling. Her team is amazing....responsive, informative, and so sweet. They are organized, detailed, structured, know their ins and outs, and will not let settle for anything less than your happiness. They do not hide anything from you, problems are pointed out, expectations on what to fix and the cost, repairs needed, etc, you get the truth of what you are walking into. I don't have to worry if my agent is on my side, i KNOW my agent is fighting for my best interests. I'm so lucky i found her and her team, i don't know how i would have been able to do this mentally and physically trying home hunting task without her.


Stephanie is a real-life Wonder Woman. She has the energy of a lightning bolt and seamlessly juggles a million tasks – most that I would have never expected my Realtor® to perform. Stephanie helped us search for months during a relentless sellers’ market. We went through five different properties and offers before we finally landed a new home. She carved out time to take us to every house that popped up, usually the same day because we had to act fast! She knows almost every city, street, tract, and neighborhood and has an eagle eye for details in every home. I can’t thank her enough for helping us find our just-right home – and assuring our transaction, closing, move-in, and getting set up were perfect. She hooked us up with all the service people we needed and even joined us to christen our new pool! We’ve shared so much together that Stephanie is now a friend, not just a business associate. Thank you, Stephanie! If you’re buying or selling, you won’t get a better Realtor® than Stephanie.


As a first time homebuyer in an absolutely crazy market, I am 100% convinced that if I had not worked with Stephanie and her team, I would not be moving into my new home! I reached out to Stephanie after reading reviews just like this one. I was on the fence about buying a property at the time, but figured that it wouldn’t hurt to get in contact with a Realtor® just to see what was out there. From our first consultation meeting, I knew that I found the perfect Realtor® to work with. I told her that I didn’t really expect to find a home soon and just wanted to see what the market was like for the next year or so, and here I am closing on a home just a month later. Stephanie is super knowledgeable and professional, and has an air of friendliness that cannot be matched. During the entire process, I felt like I was working with a friend that was there to support and fight for me every step of the way! She is extremely approachable and kept me informed the perfect amount throughout the entire process. Every time I thought of a question or wondered about an update, she would call at the perfect time with exactly what I was thinking about. Magic! I remember browsing listings in the middle of the night, marking one that I liked, and minutes later seeing a message from Stephanie asking when to schedule the viewing. It was because of this that I was able to schedule a viewing and put in an offer for what is now my first home the day the property came onto the market! I asked Stephanie for recommendations for everything, from a mortgage lender to movers to a handyman, and I’m using every single one of them. She definitely goes above and beyond for you - just one example, on the day of my inspection, she remembered that I had pet allergies and might need to replace the carpet in the home. She was able to call someone to come get measurements and provide a quote before the inspection was even complete. I am so lucky to have worked with Stephanie and her team for my first home. I’m honestly still in disbelief about how quickly and smoothly everything came together. I definitely feel like I’m part of the ohana and she will be the realtor that I want to keep working with in the future and will be the one I keep recommending to everyone I know!